Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Game Over, Man!"

I've been watching a lot of Kris Belleau's tutorials both on his on YouTube channel and on the MiniWargaming site. Because he ofter uses Warhammer 40K models to show the various techniques, I got wondering if there was much difference between those models and what I'd been painting. When I mentioned maybe painting some Tyranids for someone locally, my former partner-in-pod casting, D-Man, handed me his newest Combined Army models and suggested color schemes.

Here's a teaser of what I did with them and a hint regarding the title of this post:

Now, this is not their end state, just a teaser. I really want to work on some bases for them, as well as doing some better photography to really show them off.

Here are a few more pics of the process though, starting with washing, then assembling:

Here's a pic of them mostly painted. I've got them all done, now, but as I've said, I have some work to do on the bases and some photography to take care of.

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