Monday, August 18, 2014

Finecast Review: Gûlavhar, The Terror of Arnor

I dropped by an old friend’s place a couple of weeks ago to demo one of my favourite games, Infinity, for him. Of course, he was immediately interested and is doing what he can to sell one of his Warhammer 40k armies and pick up some Infinity figures. Don’t worry, he still has a couple of other armies so he hasn’t dropped Games Workshop or anything. After seeing the paint job on my Sgt Duroc, he took a blister out and handed it to me to see what I could do with it. Inside the unopened package was a Finecast model of one of the larger monstrous creature Games Workshop had designed for their Lord of the Rings line, specifically Gûlavhar, The Terror of Arnor.

Friday, August 15, 2014

To Repaint or Not to Repaint...

There will always be a debate among hard core Star Wars and Star Trek fans as to which property is better, while the rest of us simply enjoy the differences. Until a particular ‘fan’ tried to impose his own preference on me, I hadn’t really thought of one as better than the other. Of course, at the time there were only the Original Series episodes of Star Trek and the Original Motion Picture, while Star Wars had its first two movies and the made for TV Christmas Special. Clearly at that juncture Star Trek was the king of TV while Star Wars was superior at the box office. Since then, the addition of new series, movies, cartoons, video games, and extended fiction has only muddied the water. This debate has seeped into the gaming community for years as well, especially in video and role playing games.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

From Russia With Love

First pics of the Kazaks for my Ariadna army.
Right now they can only be used for the generic faction but in about a year or so we should be able to field our very own Kazak faction.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Russians Are Coming!

It’s amazing how things can pile up on you. You get partway done one project and two or three more find their way onto the queue. Sometimes it’s a favor for a friend, sometimes its financially motivated, and sometime you just have a creative idea that won’t leave you alone.
Right now I’m working on painting my Ariadna army. Honestly, this project is overdue. I’ve had some of these figures for months now and other things, like painting up new Karakuri models for the tournament last June, or a friendly painting commission for four alien ‘Hungries’, have gotten in the way. While Duroc is all done but the base, and all but the details are done on my Dozer, Zouave, and the Traktor Muls, there are still a number of models that are just beyond the bare metal stage and that could really use my attention.