Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Game Over, Man!" Part II

 All done but the varnish.....

So, part of me is a little scared that these new models will be "game over" for me. I haven't actually had the pleasure of facing D-Man's Morat army yet. I'm a little scared I'm contributing to my own demise by painting these figures up for him.

But hey, at least I won't be killed by a mass of unpainted primer.  Read on for more pics and my paint list...

There are four models in each 'Hungries' box, two Pretas and two Gakies. I have to admit the possible poses for these guys are pretty crazy. I actually tried to make these guys look a little more like the standard horror/action xenomorphs... It wasn't easy. Check out the pictures of the studio versions, if you doubt me!

Here's Preta number one. I had to put a weight under the base for this one. He leans a lot:
Preta number 2:

And now for the Gakies:
I tried something a little different with this first one. I put a clear post under his knee in order to lift him off of the base, making it look like he's leaping toward his target. However, the angle I got the pictures from often hides that detail....
Looking at this last one so reminds me of looking at some kind of ant or locust up close.... the eyes and mouth freak me out just a little....

Finally, the second Gaki just simply looks like he's in the middle of a charge. I certainly wouldn't want to be 28mm tall if he was heading my direction!

Hope you enjoyed this little gallery... now for the technical part.

Primer: Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Flat Mat Black
Mediums: Golden Airbrush Medium, Citadel Lahmian Medium
Preshades: No preshades, though the base blue and purple were airbrushed.
Final Colours:
   Tri-Art Phthalo Blue Airbrush Acrylic, used both to base the blue, and thinned to wash and create transitions.
   Folk Art Pure Gold, Americana Uniform Blue
   Crafter's Acrylic:

  • Antique White
  • Ice Blue
  • Xereus Purple (used for base, accenting after the wash, and also lightened with white scar to create highlights)
  • White Scar
Shades/Washes: Army Painter Soft Tone, Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade, and heavily thinned Phthalo Blue
Varnish: Army Painter Anti Shine Matt Varnish
Tools: Badger Patriot 105 airbrush

The stones on the bases were pieces of air dried clay. I painted them Crafter's Acrylic Amish Grey, washed them with a homemade black wash, and dry brushed them again with the Amish Grey. The sand was sealed with Army Painter Soft Tone ink and dry brushed with Crafter's Acrylic Tan.

Hope this helps and inspires!

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